Process Innovation
Through Measurement Integration


Better, Faster & Integrated 3D measurements to improve production launches.

  • Fuel Tanks

    Fuel Tanks

    ARGON assists you in getting the quality right for faster fuel tank prototyping and production. We are speeding up over 200 trials production trials worldwide, with both manual and fully automated scan solutions. Our customers achieve up to 200% time gains.

    •    From services to in-line scanning
    •    Faster launch, production and maintenance
    •    Easy operation and fast measuring feedback
    •    Interactive web-based 3D colour reportingy

  • Sheet Metal

    Sheet Metal

    The sheet metal expertise of our engineers helps you reduce the number of rejects during launch and serial production. Achieve fast and smooth quality inspection through ARGON Part Inspection Programs (PIP) – including scanning fixtures, measurement templates and web-based reporting.

    •    Insensitive to sheet metal reflection
    •    Higher inspection yield during launch and production
    •    Interactive web-based 3D colour reporting
    •    Tighter tolerances allow for finer sheet metal spacing

  • Aviation


    A variety of measurement can be done in the aerospace industry, both automated assembly control as quality inspection during production are strengths of our engineering team.
  • High Precision Parts

    High Precision Parts

    High precision plastics and blades need a very detailed measurement and precise report. Our high accuracy scanners are made for this job. No report errors are allowed, but our engineers do have a lot of expertise in GD&T interpretations of CAD files. So we do guarantee a correct analyses of your product.
  • Rotating Equipment

    Rotating Equipment

    Rotating equipment like gas turbines or offshore windmills have only limited maintenance time. Our flexible team is trained to measure as much as possible in the little time available. All this data can then be used to report deformations, verify correct assembly before powering on the machines.

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