Aviation 3D measurement services

Aviation 3D measurement services

Aircraft part inspection & assembly verification through Automated 3D scanning.

High quality control standards in aviation call for accurate measurement of wing, flap, slat, pylon, engine, fuselage tip, etc. Metrology also facilitates precise alignment to correctly assemble aircraft parts. Measuring practices can be revisited to further increase accuracy, repeatability and efficiency.

In case of specific quality issues, ARGON specialists typically go on site to perform measurement interventions. In the context of projects, ARGON proposes the measuring technology and procedure that meets best the quality control & assembly verification requirements. For a leading aircraft manufacturer, ARGON serves as a turnkey contractor which sets up and operates an entire metrology cell for in-line aircraft pylon assembly verification.

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Increasing measurement speed & reliability

ARGON enables manufacturers and suppliers to measure the geometry of aircraft parts and assemblies faster and more reliably. White-light or laser scanners accurately and efficiently digitize objects all around, capturing fine details and freeform surfaces. Optical measurement is also applied to measure the moulds of composite aircraft parts, or curved fuselage parts free versus inclined, for example. ARGON specialists support static or dynamic part alignment, and photogrammetry allows them to measure larger aircraft objects.

Targeting higher process automation is key in the aviation industry. In-line inspection cells for aircraft pylon and after pylon fairings, radically increase inspection productivity. Graphic comparison charts illustrate geometric deviations on full object level, providing deeper insight into potential causes. It helps significantly reduce the number of rejects and decrease rework and troubleshooting efforts – saving additional time and resources.

Targeting the right measuring strategy

The aviation expertise of our metrology engineers assists you with defining the most suitable measuring strategy. Measuring productivity goes up, and with the acquired insights, the number of rejects goes down. Using the SCANweb tool, engineering and production teams across the world can access and share interactive 3D colour reports. Simplicity in operation is guaranteed and reports are delivered in a matter of minutes.

  • Quality control on various aircraft parts
  • Automated assembly verification
  • Efficient alignment & inspection methods
  • 3D scanning for full coverage and higher speed
  • Simplicity in operation & interactive colour reports
  • Taking turnkey contractor responsibility

Main customers

  • Airbus
  • Safran
  • Sabca
  • Asco
  • Stork Fokker

Reference customers

Technology solutions

  • White light scanners
  • Photogrammetry
  • Robots
  • Fixtures
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