3D Fuel Tank Measurements

3D Fuel Tank Measurements

ARGON assists you in getting the quality right for better and faster fuel tank production. Together with our customers we worked on more than 400 production trials worldwide, using both manual and fully automated scan solutions. Our customers achieve up to 200% time gains.

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Blow moulding and cooling processes require specialist metrology overhead to maximise output predictability. White light scanners accurately digitise fuel tanks all around, capturing fine details and freeform surfaces without reference points or spray. Automated geometric analysis drives detailed process adjustments to account for tank shrinkage and warpage.

ARGON provides flexible on-site measuring services as well as next-to-line and in-line scan solutions. To capture the entire mould-to-tank process, it also supports measurement of blow moulding machines as well as cooling and checking fixtures.

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TANKscan Next-to-Line


TANKscan by ARGON is an innovative and efficient solution way that allows for analysing the geometrical quality of fuel tanks and components. The solution is based on the ATOS ScanBox by GOM, which has been upgraded with ARGON´s TANKscan integration package.

All templates (scanning, analysis and reporting) are programmed by ARGON to ensure a highly intuitive and single-click solution. Scanning a tank becomes as easy as operating a coffee machine.

Results are immediately made available in SCANweb, an application developed to make 3D analysis easy to use and accessible for everyone. No special training required whatsoever.

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SCANweb is our cloud-based application that is accessible through your web browser. The application allows authorised users to access and analyse the scanning results everywhere, from any computer or mobile device. SCANweb offers you the right tools to tune your processes and save costs.

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Cooling fixtures


Argon provides state-of-the-art cooling fixtures with a strong focus on:

  • Ease of adjustment
  • Mechanical design improvements
  • Delivered with an interactive 3D scan report
  • Improved traceability and cooling
  • Weight savings

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