High Precision Parts

High Precision Parts

Compact devices & numerous materials

In line with the trend towards more compact devices and objects, high-precision parts are gaining popularity. Metrology challenges are widespread, considering smaller parts and blades produced in titanium or other metal alloy up to ceramics, composites and plastics. Accurate inspection ensures smooth part assembly and correct mechanism operation. Manufacturers want to quickly ramp up to serial production and start shipping qualitative products.

ARGON is your partner to provide expert metrology services to rapidly shift from prototype to production. Our specialists perform extremely accurate measurement on your precision parts and deliver detailed graphic reports. High-precision 3D scanners set up in a controlled measuring environment in-house, digitize your prototype samples all around. ARGON engineers scan and investigate a wide variety of parts across industry sectors. As GD&T wizards, they perform in-depth data analyses and discuss recommendations for your product.

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Deeper insights – Fewer prototype rounds

When discussing your product, ARGON specialists determine the best possible measurement setup. Measuring accuracy is key, but also illumination, fixturing and inclination play an important role. Therefore we select the most suitable scanner and establish optimum measuring conditions to acquire highly accurate and dense point clouds. We process and present the information using interactive 3D colour reports.

After thorough GD&T analysis, we discuss the detailed reports with the customer. Insights acquired from colour-coded geometry deviation diagrams allow for tracing any potential issues and formulate manufacturing recommendations. The lessons learned typically eliminate one or more prototype iteration steps – saving money and reducing time to market.

  • Highly accurate 3D scanning
  • Measuring any materials
  • Controlled measuring conditions
  • GD&T analysis and detailed reporting
  • Critical product recommendations
  • Eliminating prototype iteration steps
  • Saving costs and reducing time to market

Critical manufacturing recommendations

Detailed scanning, interactive reporting and in-depth analysis help streamline the process from prototype to production. As this approach reduces the number of prototype iteration steps, it saves both money and time. ARGON picks the best scanner for the job and creates the optimum measuring environment. ARGON specialists combine metrology expertise and application experience to acquire detailed measurement data and retain valuable manufacturing recommendations.

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Technology solutions

  • White light scanners
  • Scanner lift mechanisms
  • Rotating swivel tables
  • Robot cells
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