Sheet Metal Quality Inspection

Sheet Metal Quality Inspection

Inline or offline sheet metal scanning

Stamping and welding of sheet metal and the assembly of vehicle body elements are extremely complex. ARGON engineers offer the sheet metal expertise to keep everything within specification during launch and production. White light 3D scanners digitize the sheet metal units inline or offline without reflections, and 3D analysis results illustrate geometric deviation.

The engineering specialists of ARGON optimise the product launch process through various advanced inspection tasks. During series production, they support process adjustments using live monitoring that compares measurement with approved model. And targeted troubleshooting services help resolve a range of potential sheet metal issues.

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Controlling metal forming & assembly

ARGON services and solutions enable you to take control of every step in the metal forming and assembly process. More detailed geometric insight helps streamline launch preparation by requiring fewer iteration cycles and shorter iteration steps. During serial production, ARGON significantly reduces the number of rejects and decreases rework/troubleshooting efforts – saving time and resources.

Following the trend towards higher process automation, manufacturers increasingly opt for an inline inspection station. Simplicity in operation is guaranteed. And interactive web-based reports, containing 3D color sheet metal representations, are delivered in a matter of minutes.

  • White light scanning insensitive to sheet metal reflection
  • Increased inspection yield during launch and production
  • Efficient offline and inline inspection stations
  • Interactive web-based 3D colour reporting
  • Controlling sheet metal forming and assembly process
  • Tighter tolerances allow for finer sheet metal spacing

PIP – Part Inspection Programs

The sheet metal expertise of our engineers helps you reduce the number of rejects during launch and serial production. Achieve fast and smooth quality inspection through ARGON Part Inspection Programs (PIP) – including scanning fixture, measurement templates and web-based reporting. ARGON’s SCANweb tool allows engineering and production teams across the world to access and share interactive 3D color reports.

Reference customers

Technology aspects

  • White light scanners (inspection and live monitoring)
  • Robots
  • Fixtures
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