3D Scanning Services

3D Scanning Services

3D scanning Services – Faster & deeper insights

A dimensional problem is stopping your production line? ARGON provides 3D scanning services and will send a measurement specialist with portable 3D scanner on site to resolve issues with minimum delay. Or opt for long-term placement of resident engineers to get metrology processes right in prototyping and production? Systematic collaboration enables manufacturers to raise the level of metrology integration and automation – reducing rejects and speeding up processes.

3D scanning services offer distinct advantages compared to traditional touch probe measurements. White-light or laser scanners accurately digitize objects all around, capturing fine details and freeform surfaces without reference points or spray. The entire surface is covered at record speed without the risk of damaging the part. Graphic comparison charts illustrate geometric deviations of full object level, providing deeper insights into potential causes.

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Our Streamlining practices & processes

Based on specialist metrology and industry expertise, ARGON developed custom application templates. These templates accommodate recurring 3D scanning services – such as fuel tank adjustment and 3D corrosion scanning – by simplifying operator instructions and generating results faster. Overall, ARGON scanning services help streamline practices and processes during launch, production and maintenance. In a number of cases this led to automated in-line inspection using 3D scan robots.

Regardless of the type of service, ARGON operates on a worldwide scale and consequently uses the most suitable 3D scan technology. Depending on the application and process, 3D white-line or laser scanners are used to digitize prototypes and production units. Either way, simplicity in operation and fast measuring feedback is guaranteed. And interactive web-based reports, containing 3D colour representations, are delivered in a matter of minutes.

  • Flexible services to match your needs
  • Quick on-site interventions
  • Long-term expert placement
  • Expert metrology and application skills
  • Support launch, production and maintenance
  • White-line and laser 3D scan technologies
  • Worldwide services operation

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Technology aspects

  • 3D white-line and laser scanners
  • Robots
  • Fixtures
  • 3D scanning services
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