3D scanning & process innovation

The vision of ARGON is achieving process innovation through measurement integration. The purpose is to automate 3D scanning of parts and quickly return ‘go’ or ‘no go’ in a mass production environment. Critical insights can be gained from part-to-CAD comparison charts, such as prototyping progress or trends in production machine wear. This way you can better anticipate next steps to increase product quality and speed up manufacturing – reducing rejects and saving time and resources.

ARGON sees 3D scanning and automated graphic reporting as a first step in automating the process. Robotised scanning additionally automates the digitising step, enabling fast next-to-line inspection. And by automating part handling, a fully integrated in-line inspection can be achieved – speeding up the process even further.

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Robotised next-to-line & inline inspection

A range of in-depth integration projects have been completed or are currently in the works. This includes several in-line scanning projects with Audi, one covering a double-robot cell for quality control of vehicle bodies and body panels. For Airbus, ARGON developed automated inspection cells for pylons (tactile) and after pylon farings (3D scanning). Also for fuel tank manufacturers worldwide, many cells have been set up to streamline prototyping by requiring fewer iteration cycles and shorter iteration steps. In production, reduced uncertainty speeds up the process by reducing wastage and rework – saving time and resources. Similar benefits are achieved with inspection cells measuring turbine clearances at General electric.

Apart from automating reporting, digitising and part handling, ARGON focuses on making cells easy to use and easy to understand. This facilitates engineers in programming and setting up the cell, and allows for easy shopfloor operation and adjustment of process parameters. At the same time ARGON specialists further reduces measurement feedback loops, for engineering teams from weeks to days and for operators from hours to minutes. And by reducing machine feedback loops to a couple of minutes, ARGON redefines adaptive manufacturing.

ARGON tackles every aspect of prototyping and production, including fixtures. It co-engineers the structures of measuring fixtures for optimal use with 3D scanning. This results in faster and more complete 3D scanning processes, realising major time gains when repeating scans hundreds or thousands of times. ARGON also develops virtual checking fixtures for sheet metal application, saving massive costly milling work. Also self-adjustable cooling fixtures are being developed to account for production machine wear.

  • Process innovation through measurement integration
  • A range of major integration projects worldwide
  • Next-to-line inspection through robotised scanning
  • In-line inspection through automating part handling
  • Automated inspection cells – easy to set up and operate
  • Reduced measurement feedback loops
  • Innovative measuring, checking and cooling fixtures

Reference custumers

Technology aspects

  • 3D white-line and laser scanners
  • Robotised inspection cells
  • Measurement fixtures
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