Scanning requires dedicated fixtures

Scanning parts on traditional measuring fixtures developed for tactile measurements, is asking for trouble. Fixation handles often obstruct the light beams of the white-light or laser 3D scanner, creating blind gaps in the point cloud. The use of inappropriate fixture materials often generates reflections interfering with scanner measurements. And dedicated scanner reference markers or customised adapters are missing altogether.

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Measuring, checking & cooling fixtures

ARGON specialists have extensive expertise with 3D scanning as well as the use of various types of fixtures (measuring, checking and cooling fixtures). Therefore, ARGON is your partner to co-engineer fixture structures for optimal use with 3D scanning. This results in faster and more complete 3D scanning processes, realising major time gains when repeating scans hundreds or thousands of times.

The first step of the analysis is simulating the measuring sequence for a product positioned on a scanning fixture. Then the acquired point cloud is evaluated in a 3D scanning software. This way ARGON ensures that all required reference and surface points can be effectively reached by the 3D scanner – measuring the entire product in an optimal way.

  • Optimise fixtures for 3D scanning
  • Adapt fixture design and material
  • Save time through faster scanning
  • Cover entire product surface
  • Simulate scan process including fixture
  • Integrate reference markers or customised adapters

Reference customers

Technology aspects

  • Measuring, checking and cooling fixtures
  • Simulating measuring sequence (product and fixture)
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