Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering

Helping design, engineering & manufacturing

CAD drawings and computer model missing, and need to reproduce an existing component or assembly? Argon supports reverse engineering through efficient 3D scanning and software manipulation. Reverse engineering begins with the product and works through the design process in opposite direction to arrive at the original CAD design. The acquired model serves various objectives, including computer-aided design, manufacturing or engineering analysis.

Manufacturers typically reverse engineer parts that are too old and never had 3D CAD drawings. The increased availability of 3D scanners and software tools enabled them to find new uses for reverse engineering: making revisions for moulds, models or parts consisting of complex surfaces. The reasons may be inadequate or missing documentation of the original design, or a supplier unable to deliver spare parts. Reverse engineering also proves helpful as a benchmarking method to understand and outperform competitor products.

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Re-creating full-featured continuous CAD

ARGON has a rapid response team available for urgent reverse engineering assignments worldwide. A specialist discusses  the purpose and goal of the reverse engineering project with you. The guidelines of the tasks are defined together to make sure we agree on the expected outcome. First the object is digitised using a white-line or laser 3D scanner.

Based on the acquired dense 3D point clouds, reverse engineering entails polygonal mesh modelling. This activity creates high-quality 3D object meshes made up of hundreds or thousands of triangles. The obtained mesh models are ready for rapid prototyping, tool path generation, virtual simulation, etc. In addition, ARGON assists you in reconstructing CAD surfaces to obtain a fully-featured continuous CAD model.

  • Agree on guidelines and expectations
  • White-line and laser 3D scanners
  • Generate dense point clouds
  • Create polygonal mesh models
  • Reconstruct continuous CAD models
  • Support CAD, manufacturing and engineering

Reference customers

Technology aspects

  • 3D white-line and laser scanners
  • Polygonal mesh modelling
  • CAD reconstruction
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