ARGON enters the cooling fixtures market!

June 1, 2016

ARGON enters the cooling fixtures market!

Cooling fixtures are vital in blow mould production. The fixtures allow process engineers to fine tune the dimensions of the product right before acquiring its final, rigid shape. However, the development of cooling fixtures has almost stalled over the past years. According to users in manufacturing plants, cooling fixtures remain impractical and time consuming to adjust. ARGON has entered the cooling fixture market by combining mechanical design improvements and 3D scanning expertise. ARGON cooling fixtures are focused on performance and ease-of-use. Our first clients include Kautex and TI Automotive.

Mechanical Design Improvements

Over 20 mechanical design improvements to the current state of the art have been implemented. The design improvements adhere to the following key principles: improved cooling, faster adjustment, improved traceability and weight savings.

3D Scanning

By leveraging our expertise in 3D scanning gained in the automotive sector, we are able to deliver cooling fixtures with height settings according to CAD or as a copy of an existing cooling fixture. This approach reduces the number of configuration iterations during the first production campaigns and hence, saves valuable production time for our clients.

All ARGON’s cooling fixtures are designed to order and adhere to the same design principles. Work on your bottom-line with an ARGON cooling fixture.

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