As-Built Reverse Engineering in nuclear sector

October 30, 2015

As-Built Reverse Engineering in nuclear sector

ARGON performed a 3D scanning and as-built reverse engineering of a highly reactive environment.
With about 700 employees, the SCK-CEN is one of the largest research centres in Belgium. Its main objective is to maintain a centre of excellence for research on nuclear science and technology, including medical applications of ionizing radiation.

The Institute for Radioelements (IRE) in Fleurus (B) called in the SCK∙CEN to perform in-situ radiological characterization of tanks collecting radioactive effluent. Due to high radiation level, measurements had to be performed from an adjacent room, through a hole drilled in the 1m thick concrete wall, which would also act as a collimator for the measurement and provide biological protection for the operator.

ARGON supplied the 3D model of both the process room and adjacent room from which the measurement was conducted. These models allowed SCK-CEN to determine the exact location and angle of the hole through which the measurements were conducted.

“This was one of the most demanding characterization work we ever did. The success of the project relied entirely on the accuracy of the drilling. Argon did a very good job in supplying a reliable and accurate 3D model of the rooms despite the important constraints for the implementation of the 3D scanning: the scanner had to be remotely positioned and operated.”, says Eric Cantrel, Project Leader, SCK-CEN.

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