Audi relies on ARGON for A1 dimensional quality

October 22, 2015

Audi relies on ARGON for A1 dimensional quality

ARGON has provided engineering capacity and scanning knowledge to Audi Brussels to adopt 3D scanning in dimensional quality control.

Audi Brussels produces the A1, one of the most succesful models currently on the market check this link right here now. To be a high end player, Audi invests a lot in dimensional quality control and technology. At Audi Brussels they are using 3D scanning on a daily basis. Since there is a significant step to make from traditional CMM point-to-point measurements to pointcloud based 3D scanning, Audi was looking for a partner to assist in the adoptation of this new technology.

ARGON has provided engineering capacity and 3D scanning know-how to quickly integrate 3D scanning in the Audi Brussels quality department. ARGON has not only trained the local engineers, we also have provided scripting and automated reporting. One of the accomplishments is  the automatic measurement of gap & flush measurements between two car body parts.

The challenge was to develop a measuring process that gives precise and repeatable results. ARGON programmed a script that uses sections on a mesh as input values. We obtain this mesh by a fully automated measurement with laser scanners on a CMM. The script automatically calculates the flush and gap for each section. To give a good overview to the customer, ARGON puts the measured results in a graph. This tool gives analysts a better understanding of the production and assembly process in order to obtain a car that has a better optical quality.

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