Deformation analyses on gas turbine casings at Electrabel

October 30, 2015

Deformation analyses on gas turbine casings at Electrabel

ARGON’s deformation measurement services are used during revision of the power units. The results of these specific measurements can be used as input for costly replacement decisions.

Electrabel has been making use of ARGON as a 3D measuring partner since 2007. Over time ARGON got more intimately involved in the deformation analyses on their large Combined Cycle Steam-Gas turbines. One such unit is able to generate about 450 MW.

Creep in casings – i.e. deformation over time due to varying mechanical and thermal loads – can present a problem for axial and radial clearances.

Together with Electrabel, ARGON developed a novel approach to assess creep and creep related phenomena. ARGON in depth dimensional diagnostics of the turbines, and clear visual reports, were used as in input in investment decisions for the power plants in question.

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