Improving process capability at Terumo Europe

October 30, 2015

Improving process capability at Terumo Europe

Via extensive 3D troubleshooting, ARGON managed to pinpoint and solve a dimensional problem that improved Terumo’s process capability.

Terumo Europe’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Haasrode (Belgium) produce syringes, needles, vacuum tubes, catheters and introducers for interventional radiology. Extensive use is made of automated processes and systems. Terumo Europe has developed a strong track record of developing ever more performing and complex automated production lines.

In this evolution, the dimensional tolerances of the machine components become stricter and stricter. The company relies on a number of core suppliers to fabricate these components within the right tolerances. Sometimes machine components arrive and get built into machine, without satisfying the dimensional tolerance requirements. In such cases it is critical to conduct a highly analytical 3D troubleshooting to identify the culprit.

This was exactly what ARGON performed for Terumo to great satisfaction. It became apparent that conducting measurements is one thing, but solving a dimensional puzzle is something else. This is what makes the ARGON service unique in its offering.

“ARGON was for us a highly efficient 3D detective. Its intervention has shown us how we can make use of the latest 3D measurement technologies to become even more performant in quest for process optimization”. Herman De Ruyter, Senior Buyer.

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