Launch assistance you can count on

June 6, 2016

Launch assistance you can count on

Blowmoulding and waterbath calibration require specialist metrology expertise to maximise output quality and predictability. Supporting over 400 trials, ARGON’s dedicated and experienced Fuel Tank team faced and resolved diverse challenges at trials around the world.

By delivering expert process knowledge and innovative 3D scan technology, ARGON has grown into a reliable partner operating on-site for many fuel tank manufacturers.

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This approach resulted in considerable trial & scrap cost reductions and tremendous time savings by 80% and more. Complete detailed reports, promptly delivered, illustrate how to optimize the adjustment of waterbath calibration and welding tools. Full reports of fuel tank geometry and GD&T can be generated within 20 minutes, delivered location-independent next to the production machines on the shop floor.

As part of the trials, ARGON also offers to scan and analyse components such as fillerpipe or carrier, robot cells, moulds and cooling fixtures. Typically, this activity delivers critical insights used for process optimization purposes. In addition, reverse engineering of moulds, for example, can be performed to generate CAD data for such parts or tools in case a copy or rebuilt is requested.


The scanning results deliver information concerning many fuel tank related aspects:

  • Nominal/actual comparison of fuel tanks and components, including geometry and GD&T analysis
  • How to adjust cooling fixtures efficiently and effectively
  • How to adjust welding tools to optimize the welding lines
  • Capability studies of trialing and production processes
  • Analysis of fuel tank wall thickness
  • Measurement of fuel tank volume
  • Aging process of fuel tank after production (with Deltaplot)
  • Reverse engineering of moulds and other critical parts in blowmoulding process




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