Measurement of the vertical housing of a transportation screw

October 30, 2015

Measurement of the vertical housing of a transportation screw

A transportation screw was generating scratching noises inside its long vertical housing. The assumption was that the screw was in contact with the shaft and Argon was asked to verify this.

Stork Technical Services delivers industrial installations and provides the maintenance for their clients. They prefer Argon as a third party service partner for their dimensional problems.

The first step in analyzing the problem was visual inspection: the surface of the shaft showed visible signs of wear on the inside where the screw could have been touching the surface.

Measuring the shaft was a challenge: due to the size and the vertical positioning Argon placed a lasertracker at the bottom of the shaft and had an engineer in lifting harness measure the surface over 360 degrees and the full length. Using colorplots and cross-sections a report was generated analyzing all local deformations compared to a nominal cylinder.

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