SCANweb on your TANKscan – A winning team!

May 31, 2016

SCANweb on your TANKscan – A winning team!

Live demo

The use of conventional checking fixtures or CMMs faces certain limitations. Such measurements generate discrete point data and require highly trained personnel to operate the measurements and interprete the results correctly. ARGON overcomes this problem through a combination of TANKscan and SCANweb. TANKscan makes scanning a fuel tank as easy as operating a coffee machine. And SCANweb extends that principle by making the analysis of the scanning data easy and accessible for everyone.

scanweb_on_your_TANKscan1     scanweb_on_your_TANKscan2

Browser-based scanning results

SCANweb is a cloud-based application that is accessible through your web browser. It is accessible everywhere without requiring the installation of dedicated software programs. The user interface consists of multiple tabs, each designed for a specific use case:

  • Summary page: a single-page overview of a tank’s state. Out-of-specification points or features are displayed next to a colour plot of the tank. This concise overview allows quality personnel to release a production line in a matter of seconds.
  • 3D colour plot: manipulate the tank (and its cooling fixture) in 3D and zoom in on specific areas of interest using the software’s pinch-to-zoom capability.
  • Cooling fixture adjustment: visualize the tank’s dimensional deviation underneath each support block of the cooling fixture. This gives process engineers direct feedback, reducing setup times considerably.
  • PDF Reports: access the complete PDF report consisting of all performed analyses: colour plots, RPS & measurement points, details on weld surfaces, welded components & specific features.
  • Measurement statistics: keep track of all measurement points of the scans of your interest.


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