November 19, 2015


Development and production engineers get buried under massive amounts of measuring data. Instead of looking at numerical Excel listings, ARGON introduced SCANweb. This web-based solution enables engineers to instantly evaluate scanned parts using interactive part-to-CAD illustrations. They can zoom, pan and rotate the 3D part objects to focus on any region of interest, and drill down to underlying measuring data and statistics as desired.

SCANweb manages the metrology data and provides dedicated result views for operators, engineers and managers. In a matter of minutes, it crunches the acquired data, and generates graphic PDF reports tuned to suit different purposes. The fast feedback loop provided by SCANweb keeps operators on the high-efficiency track. And it allows engineers to evaluate analysis trends and make smart process adjustments towards predictable quality and high production rates. SCANweb is the missing link between distributed collaborative teams – contributing to the on-going industrial revolution covered by Industry 4.0, Factory of the Future.

  • Instant insight through interactive colour plots
  • Supports collaborative teams worldwide
  • Zoom, pan and rotate for detailed analysis
  • Shorter measuring feedback loop
  • Faster and more-informed process adjustments
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