TANKscan Next-to-Line – Fast, accurate & easy!

May 31, 2016

TANKscan Next-to-Line – Fast, accurate & easy!

Live demo

TANKscan by ARGON is an innovative and efficient solution that allows for analysing the geometrical quality of fuel tanks and components. The solution is based on the ATOS ScanBox by GOM, upgraded with ARGON´s TANKscan integration package. TANKscan is a shopfloor quality and inspection lab, enabling you to perform multiple analyses based on a single efficient measurement:

  • Full GD&T inspection
  • Cooling fixture adjustments: live demo
  • Welding line adjustments
  • Process capability examinations

With TANKscan, scanning a tank or filler pipe is as easy as operating a coffee machine. To make this happen, ARGON builds specific scanning and reporting programs (templates) for every type of fuel tank or filler pipe. Scanning results are accessible from anywhere through SCANweb: a browser-based application designed to make 3D analysis easy to use and accessible for everyone. Coffee Machine Principle interface (CMPi) included: no special training required! TANKscan is ARGON´s answer in the context of Industry 4.0.

Remote support

<a href="http://www simvastatin 40 mg tablet.argon-ms.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/tankscan_next-to-line1_900.jpg” data-rel=”lightbox-0″ title=””>tankscan_next-to-line1_900

The major advantage is that design changes, for example, can be implemented remotely: no need to adjust fixtures and gauges, and no loss in production time.


  • 24/7 high-quality data
  • Everyone can operate it!
  • Full statistical analysis of fuel tank geometry
  • Significant decrease in trial time, fast adjustment of cooling fixture
  • SCANweb – browser-based access (Read more)
  • Analysis of process capability (R&R capable)



  • Increase welding line yield or OEE (link to case study of ‘Welding line adjustment’)
    • Reduce setup time: requires less mechanical adjustment of welding line when switching between batches
    • Increase line capacity: higher quality of welding surfaces leads to reduced cycle times of welding operations
  • Reduction of scrap costs
  • Increase blow mould machine availability (and OEE) thanks to faster cooling fixture adjustments
  • No need for checking fixtures anymore
  • No need for specific metrology training: TANKscan and SCANweb are easy and accessible for everyone

Technical data/requirements

  • Dimensions: 3,3m x 3,3m x 2,7m
  • High-voltage current (3 phase 16A)
  • Pressurised air
  • Internet connection



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