Virtual Car Body Assembly at Tower Automotive

October 30, 2015

Virtual Car Body Assembly at Tower Automotive

Virtual assembly of single car parts allows Tower Automotive to improve the overal car dimensional quality by targetted single part improvements.

Tower Automotive is a tier-1 supplier specialised in the production of car sub-assemblies. These assemblies are a complex 3D-puzzles of welded single parts of sheet metal. Tolerancing is a difficult issue, since subassemblies can be outside tolerance when single parts are inside their own respective tolerances and vice versa.

The Tower Automotive division in Gent is currently in the pre-launch of a new model for Volvo. To gain insight in their process and to give feedback to their supplier more thourough measurements were needed.

With the help of ARGON all single parts were scanned and afterwards virtually assembled in Atos Professional software. Using different alignments the effect of changes on the global tolerancing could be examined.

“The power of 3D scanning and the flexibility of ARGON has really increased our process insight”, says Jake Webb, project manager at Tower Automotive Gent.

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