ARGON digitizes impellers in house for DANA Bruges

May 4, 2016

ARGON digitizes impellers in house for DANA Bruges

For many years, DANA in Bruges (Belgium) relies on ARGON for robotised 3D scanning of aluminium torque torque converter impeller, turbines and stators. ARGON digitizes the parts in-house, and timely delivers the accurate point cloud data. DANA uses the data for detailed investigation of impeller wear, to acquire valuable engineering feedback and keep up its maintenance reputation. Specialists at DANA value the flexible and efficient collaboration as well as the confidence they have in the ARGON result data.


High-quality data, delivered on time

The collaboration originally started with a request to digitize a gearbox casing on site at DANA in Bruges. Later on the focus shifted to moulded metal impellers, which ARGON digitizes in-house. The team in Bruges is specialized in off-highway transmissions.

Jonas Saldien, ARGON Project Manager, explains that his team uses a robotised 3D blue-light scanning solution. “It consists of an ATOS Triple Scan system mounted on a KUKA robot. The permanent measuring setup at ARGON with metrology engineers present all day, guarantees high efficiency and repeatability. The automated process of digitizing a single 150mm up to 400mm impeller takes about two hours, on average.”

dana_3_1200     dana_1_1200

Scanning deep enough into impeller cavities

During setup, the operator positions the impeller unit under specific angles to meet DANA’s surface coverage requirements. This allows for scanning deep enough into the cavities of the impeller. To allow for easy re-measurement, the reference stickers are only removed after DANA accepts the point cloud data. Then the impellers are shipped back to DANA, or directly to its customers.

“We are satisfied with the metrology contract work performed by ARGON,” concludes Joachim Van Dingenen, new product development engineer at DANA Bruges. “We benefit from a competively priced service delivering accurate point clouds and fast measurement turnaround. And we can flexibly adapt the measurement workload based on changing needs end market circumstances.”

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