ARGON and GeoSea enable smooth deck installations on offshore wind turbine posts

October 20, 2016

ARGON and GeoSea enable smooth deck installations on offshore wind turbine posts

GeoSea requested ARGON to look into the attachment of decks (cage) on offshore wind turbine posts (monopiles). In the port of Antwerp – on the Smulders Projects site in Hoboken – ARGON specialists measured several cages and monopiles. Virtual assembly enabled them to evaluate whether geometric deviations could potentially obstruct proper offshore installation. This avoids costly installation hassles, possibly causing costly delays an’d a bad reputation.

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Laser tracker & virtual assembly

GeoSea asked ARGON to discuss a metrology project. It concerned the measurement of offshore wind turbine monopoles and cages, and each time digitally verify the cage-to-monopile attachment. GeoSea is DEME’s specialist in complex offshore marine engineering projects. The metrology assignment served as verification of measurements performed by the monopile and cage manufacturing subcontractor. The measuring campaign required thorough project planning and creativity. That was needed to coordinate certain ongoing operations on the site, reserve sufficient free space around the units, and provide power to all metrology systems used.

argon_geosea_cages_monopiles_3_     argon_geosea_cages_monopiles_4_

When meeting GeoSea representatives in the port of Antwerp, ARGON proposed a Laser Tracker based metrology strategy. “First we measured a wind turbine monopile and a cage unit to acquire and assess geometric deviations,” says Jonas Saldien, ARGON Project Manager. “Interactive part-to-CAD reporting enabled us to digitally simulate the offshore installation. Our approach made it possible to draw reliable conclusions onshore before the turbine units go offshore for installation.”

Bringing value through metrology

“ARGON’s metrology strategy, consisting of tracker measurement and virtual assembly, makes the difference,” says Frank Theuns, Fabrication Manager for GeoSea. “The measurements deliver geometric comparison to nominal, which is easy to interpret using graphic colour charts. And virtual assembly informs us up-front about potential hick-ups during offshore installation. At that time, it is generally too late for corrective action. We are satisfied with the work of ARGON, and therefore they also work for us on other offshore marine engineering projects.”

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